Palais des Congrès et des Festivals de Cannes

Transports & Logistics Meeting Cannes



9:00 am



6:00 pm

Meet us at this year's Transports & Logistics Meeting in Cannes. The event brings together the top decision-makers in logistics and promotes the exchange of current trends in the industry. Meet our team
and learn more about our leading delivery platform and the innovations on the last mile.

We look forward to the exchange with you!


Booth E7, Saal Berlin, Maritim Hotel Berlin, Stauffenbergstraße 26, 10785 Berlin

Deutscher Handelskongress & Retail World



8:00 am



3:00 pm

The Deutsche Handelskongress is the meeting place for decision-makers in trade in Germany. From November 20 to 21, 1,500 top decision-makers come together in Berlin to discuss the latest trends and innovations in this sector. This year Seven Senders is also taking part and we are looking forward to welcoming you at booth E7 in Saal Berlin.

Visit also the lecture of our co-founder Dr. Johannes Plehn about the topic “Success factors in international delivery“ on November 21 at 10:45 clock at Brain Snack Stage.






Customer Success Story: How Planet Sports conquers the Swiss market

An interview with Dominic Antritter (Unit Lead Supply Chain Management, Planet Sports)

Picture © Planet Sports: Winter sportswear in action
Picture © Planet Sports: Winter sportswear in action

Planet Sports has been dedicated to action sports on mountains and water for more than 25 years. Surf and ski fans, skaters and riders will find everything their heart desires here. From over 400 brands, including Planet Sports' own brand, they can buy streetwear, sportswear and equipment online. Switzerland, in particular, is an interesting market for Planet Sports as a winter sports heartland, which brings with it a number of special features. Dominic Antritter as Unit Lead Supply Chain Management at Planet Sports is responsible for logistics and gives insight into his experience entering the Swiss market.

Planet Sports: Dominic Antritter

Dominic Antritter - Unit Lead Supply Chain Management of Planet Sports - provides insights on cross-border challenges

The challenges: Delivery to Switzerland

As a winter and adventure paradise, the Swiss market is very attractive to us as an e-commerce shop for action sports. When we entered the market, we were confronted with enormous challenges, especially with regard to customs clearance, collective invoices and shipping. In Switzerland, we are present through Zalando. Therefore, adhering to Zalando's maximum delivery time of 5 days was a major hurdle that had to be overcome.

Due to the complexity of the delivery processes to Switzerland, we were not sure until when we could deliver to Switzerland. Through initial joint discussions with SEVEN SENDERS, we were able to clarify open questions, solve them and master the market entry into Switzerland.

The ideal delivery solution for a Zalando merchant

Our customers are used to us keeping to the delivery time - that is our aspiration. Good logistics is characterized by the fact that the customer always receives his parcel on time. The order must not be delivered too early or too late. Another important factor for us is transparency of the entire transport chain, right up to the end customer in Switzerland. Our operations team must keep a constant eye on processes in order to react quickly to irregularities. That's why it's so important that we can track every package and every customer order. Of course, we also want to offer this possibility to our customers.


We also want our returns processes to be simple and transparent for us and our customers. Processing has to be superfast and we have to be flexible in the pickup times as well.

Overcoming borders with SEVEN SENDERS

In order to master our individual challenges with regard to customs clearance, bulky goods deliveries and the specified delivery conditions, we needed a strong partner.

We chose SEVEN SENDERS because of the following factors:

  1. The experience SEVEN SENDERS has in the Swiss market together with MS Direct.
  2. The price advantages in comparison to the competition.
  3. The flexibility in the pick-up times of our parcels, which we achieved with the SEVEN SENDERS solution.

Together with SEVEN SENDERS, we have optimized our deliveries and dispatch processes to Switzerland. They are now running smoothly and we can guarantee compliance with delivery times, even for returns.

"At SEVEN SENDERS we only have one contact person for our entire process chain. This is relatively rare on the market".

We are so enthusiastic about the cooperation that there is simply no further optimization potential in our delivery process to Switzerland at the moment. Dispatch and communication function optimally - so everything fits.

A look into the future

In the next two years, we will continue to focus on the Swiss market and naturally want to handle this with SEVEN SENDERS. Additionally, with such a strong logistics partner we feel we are well prepared for shipping to other countries. We are competitive and flexible in all areas.

As soon as we plan to enter further international markets, we will certainly work out an optimal solution with SEVEN SENDERS. The cooperation has above all made one thing clear: The supply chain in today's age requires transparency over the entire process flow, even if it is a broken transport.


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