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Hello, we are Seven Senders

At Seven Senders we are poised to shape the future of after-sales processes. We bring together a mix of bright, talented people in software development, supply chain management and a variety of other fields.

“The customer journey does not stop at checkout – we enable retailers to turn one-time shoppers into lifelong customers.”
Dr. Johannes Plehn, Founder & Managing Director
“In terms of carrier diversity and delivery options, the French market is both a huge challenge and a great opportunity to unlock one of Europe’s biggest markets.”
Clémence Monnier, Manager Logistics Partners
“We do not have any assets in the logistics chain, our asset is the people working at Seven Senders. That’s why we’ve selected our team with care and only look for ambitious and skilled candidates that fit into our culture.”
Thomas Hagemann, Founder & Managing Director
“What I like at Seven Senders is that we are building an innovative product in a great team using the latest tech stack.”
Evgeniy Sokolov, Senior PHP Developer

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